10 tips to get you ready for your boating trip

Even the idea of setting sails and leaving the shore behind you is truly magnificent…
However, do you think you really know what you need to pay attention to while getting ready in order to complete this journey safely and pleasantly?

None of us likes to be caught off guard no matter when or where.
And, being caught unprepared at sea can definitely be synonymous with living a nightmare.

With the tips we share below, you can easily complete your pre-departure preparations and avoid surprises that may threaten the safety and joy of your journey.

  • First of all, you should focus on cruising planning. As it is determinative with respect to the basic needs of fuel and food, you must determine the basic points such as the cruising route to be followed and the duration of the journey.
  • You must make sure that your first aid kit and your medicine chest are complete and up-to-date. You should remind those who will join the journey that they need to bring their regular medications (also preferably in excess) along with themselves.
  • If among your guests there are people with chronic illnesses and/or, you should get more information about their health conditions and learn more about what needs to be done in emergency situations.Also, with respect to seasickness which is another unpleasant situation aboard, you must make sure that you have the remedies like nausea pills and sea wristbands on your boat.
  • Recalling that you have no escape at sea, choosing your guests among harmonious, understanding and helping friends, as recommended for every journey, will add joy to your trip.
  • You should definitely remind your guests that they should not come aboard with huge suitcases. Foldable cloth bags are especially ideal for journeys on sailboats where space is limited.
  • It is also highly recommended to ask your guests to avoid bringing any valuable personal items such as jewelry as well as large personal objects that could cover unnecessary space.
  • A few T-shirts, shorts and a pair of long trousers would be sufficient. You should also not forget to take a waterproof raincoat or coat as well as something to keep you warm for cooler nights.
  • Also remember to tell your guests being barefoot aboard is the most common cause of accidents and ask them to bring suitable water resistant rubber shoes along.
  • The importance of hats, sunglasses and protective sunscreens cannot be stressed enough. Undoubtedly, particular attention should be paid to children.

Fair winds and following seas.